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Grateful: Karma #XD31

Golden Budda Temple Phnom Phen Cambodia

Golden Budda Temple Phnom Phen Cambodia (Photo credit: Captain Kimo)

Despite all of the snark, karma keeps me centered. ¬†With egoism taking over society,people are so concerned with themselves that they will abort moral standards. Karma is that constant reminder for me that what I put out in the Universe will come back to me. Whether it’s good or bad, it will come back to me.

Peace amongst chaos.

Thankful: Inspiration #XD31


Inspiration can come from anything. I could be taking a shower, driving around, or shopping and inspiration will just show up. I always make sure to keep something on me to jot these ideas down because they won’t stick around long. At the time I’m writing this, I have at least 50-60 ideas derived from various inspirational moments.

That’s a lot of writing.

Thankful: Journal #XD31


You hold all of my secrets, fears, random thoughts, and memories. When emotions become so heavy that sleep is no longer peaceful, I share all with you.

I keep you hidden. Others won’t understand the contents of your pages, judging what they see on the surface.

I’m thankful for the volumes that silently hold so much.

Thank you: Richard, Redd, George & Bernie #XD31


I grew up watching comedic great such as Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, George Carlin, and Bernie Mac. I love how sarcastically witty and hilariously offensive they were. They gave political correctness a the middle finger salute.

On the playground, I cracked “yo momma” jokes with the best of them. While everyone else was too busy trying to remain PC, I could give a rat’s ass less. My jokes sent kids to the school bus devastated.

As an adult, my slightly coughs offensive humor is heavy with sarcasm and wit. By society’s standards (who knew society had standards?), you shouldn’t laugh at 80% of what I say. Stifling laughter is bad for your soul. Throw PCness in the wind and laugh you big dummy wink.

As a lifetime fan, thank you Richard, Redd, George, and Bernie for teaching me to laugh without a care or concern.

Thankful: Mom and Sister #XD31


My mother and sister are my rocks. I love them more than words can express. When I ask for advice, they provide it without judgement. If I have two pennies to rub together, they assist. No questions asked.

In recent years, we’ve been through some tough times. Many a time I have wanted to just throw my hands up and surrender, but you’ve always talked me down from the mountain. Our daily talks are the highlights of my day.

You both mean the world to me.

Love Always and Forever,


Thank you: Online Shopping #XD31


I love shopping. The experience of shopping at an actual brick and motor store is fun. I enjoy the challenge of looking for items at the lowest possible price makes my inner cheapskate giddy.

Well, I used to enjoy shopping.

Over the years, I’ve become less tolerant of people and their lack of common sense and mannerisms. I can’t really point out a particular incident that contributed to this, but I’m over people. It’s not the employees that ruin my experience. It’s the other shoppers that make me want to extend my leg out to trip them when they invade my personal space. Or their children who step on my feet and don’t excuse themselves. The assholes that get into the check out line with a return even though there’s a separate line for returns. These folks get on my damn nerves!!

Praise the retail gods for online shopping. From the comforts of my home, I can point and click to my heart’s delight. Free shipping is my best friend, there are no lines, and most importantly, no people!! I can shop for the best deals in my underwear while saving money and maintaining my patience level.

Online shopping, this proud introvert thanks you. Salute!

Thankful: Split Hearing #XD31


When I was in middle school, my band teacher taught us split hearing. According to my teacher, a musician should always be able to hear their own instrument in one ear and the band as a whole in the other. A music lesson eventually crossed over into my daily life.

Split hearing is used to hear the conversation I’m having plus the conversations of others around me. I’m sure I can help it, but I’m so used to it that it has become my normal. People are shocked when I repeat their conversations verbatim. Be careful about what you say. Split ears are listening.


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