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Don’t Sleep On Premonitions


I believe in premonitions. I’m aware that it may sound absolutely ridiculous to some, but we all have to believe in something and that’s what I believe in.

For several months I’ve had a recurring premonition involving a car running a red light and hitting a truck.

Fast forward to Saturday, April 18, 2014.

I’m sitting at the bottom end of the intersection, waiting for my light to turn green. On the left side of the intersection is a pickup truck waiting to make a left turn. Across from the truck on the right side of the intersection is a small four-door sedan in the right lane.

The lights change for the left and right sides of the intersection. The truck proceeds to cross the intersection to get into the closest left lane. Meanwhile, the sedan makes a right turn and gets into the same lane as the truck.

The sedan slammed into the truck, pushing the truck over the median and into the opposite lanes of traffic. Thankfully, red lights kept those cars from coming down the lanes.  The driver gained control of the truck, moving it back across the median, across three lanes of traffic, and into a parking lot.

insert slow blink here

It’s one thing to dream that this happens but to literally watch your premonition play out in front of you is insane.  I was definitely shaken up for at least an hour. I’ll never second guess these dreams again.

Emphasis on “never”.


Sleep Deprived Thoughts


I haven’t had a good night’s rest in about 5 days. Usually, I’ll be sleep deprived for maybe a day or two, but not an entire week. I feel horrible times 100. What struck me as funny is that when I’m unable to sleep well, I have the absolute BEST thoughts and ideas. They sort of border on twisted revelations. Baffles me beyond understanding. I figured I would share a few of these with you.

–          Totally excited about the fall collections at Bath and Body Works and Glade.

–          I can clean my entire apartment in 45 minutes.

–          The dryer dries better if I don’t fill it up with clothes.

–          I love the Discovery ID channel.

–          Reality TV sucks.

–          Creativity strikes after 10 p.m.

–          I don’t like avocado.

–          This season of “Project Runway” doesn’t excite me.

–          I need a vacation.

–          The 2016 Olympics in Rio are going to be AWESOME!!

What does sleep deprivation do to you?

Help Yourself


On my way home I was listening to “Help Yourself” by Amy Winehouse. There is a lyric in that song that keeps replaying in my mind.

I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself.

As a society, we tend to want so much while offering little to nothing in return. I don’t understand where this sense of entitlement comes from.

We create problems or get ourselves into situations and we expect someone to come down from the mountain and lend a hand.

What have you done to help yourself? Anything? You can’t possibly be upset when nobody extends a hand if you haven’t at least made an attempt.

Just a thought.

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