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10 Ways I Work Through a Bad Mood


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1. YouTube

My favorite comedy channels are Funky Dineva, Chris Starr, Sweet Addictions TV, and BrianBee.

2. Silence

To avoid saying something I’ll regret later, I keep mum.

3. Chipotle

A barbacoa burrito bowl always makes me smile.

4. Watch “Will and Grace”.

My favorite TV show of all time. The comedic timing of that show was brilliant!

5. Pour a Drink.

Honey Whiskey is always available in my home.

6. Pinterest

Spend some time scrolling through pins and forget all about your bad mood.

7. Write

Putting my thoughts/feelings in my journal relieves so much tension. When I go back to read it, I can recognize the catalysts that sparked my bad mood.

8. Take a walk.

Fresh air to clear the mind and get some exercise.

9. Dancing

Put on some upbeat music and dance it out!

10. Naps

When all else fails, goodnight.

Marathon Weekends

The cast of The Cosby Show in 1989

The cast of The Cosby Show in 1989 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about TV series marathons. If I have no plans for the weekend, I am perfectly comfortable chillaxing and watching whatever TV series marathon is on. Usually it’s “Law and Order” something or my all time fave, “The Cosby Show”.

How do you spend your weekends when you don’t have plans?

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