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Grateful: Honey Whiskey #XD31


What I’m currently drinking now. (Image via

Vodka used to be my girl, but somewhere in our relationship, I ¬†fell out of love with her. Soon after, a friend introduced me to honey whiskey and I’ve been in love ever since.

To me, honey whiskey is really smooth with a sweet, but not overly sweet, aftertaste. It tastes great alone, but it’s awesome in honey chamomille tea.


Public Service Announcement: Tea Time

spilled T

spilled T (Photo credit: jon.hayes)

Folks feel some kind of way when their tea (aka personal business) becomes storytime (aka tea time) for the kids.

If you feel that your tea is being spilled amongst the masses, you shouldn’t be putting the water into the pot.

snaps fingers

My bestie LVC said it best. “If you yourself enjoy a nice high tea every now and then, you should be prepared to be a special on the menu once in a while.”

Pinkies up. Tea is served.

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