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Christmas Arrived Early…and it’s K-Mart’s Fault


While watching the first Thursday Night Football game of the season,  I saw a K-Mart commercial. Usually, this is no big deal. K-Mart commercials, specifically Ship Your Pants, are hilarious. However, this one threw me for such a loop I just had to share it with you.

My issue with this commercial is that it’s another example of retailers accelerating the holidays. Grocery stores are selling Halloween candy next to back to school supplies. Kids haven’t finished the first week of school.

People become so consumed buying gifts and supplies for holidays that they can’t really enjoy them. It’s the second week of September and Halloween costumes/decorations are popping up on shelves. Pretty soon, stores will have sales on baking supplies and Christmas lights.

Good grief.


Updated October 31, 2016


Grateful: Earbuds #XD31

Earphones(Ear Bud type Phones). Picture taken ...

Earphones(Ear Bud type Phones). Picture taken by Duncan Lock and released into the Public Domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you see me out and about, it’s highly likely that I have earbuds in my ears. Between my lack of filter and people’s lack of manners, plugging myself in keeps me from saying something to someone that will have them seeking solace in chocolate.

Even if I’m not plugged in, I still won’t hold a conversation with you. If that makes me antisocial, so be it. Get yourself some business and stay out of mine.

Carry on.

inserts earbuds

Thankful: Target #XD31


Target (aka Tar-jay) is an awesome place to shop. Especially now that certain stores have a grocery section. Some may say that they’re more expensive than Wal-Mart rolls eyes but you get what you pay for.

(Shade fully intended in the previous statement)

I’m convinced that there’s something in the air circulation system that causes shoppers to overspend. You walk into Target with a list. Get everything in your list, go the register and now you have all if these extras plus your list, and a receipt that makes you want to cry.

That doesn’t make me return a damn thing though. I just shake my head, take my bags, and sashay out of the store. ‘Tis is the life of the dedicated Target shopper.


Updated March 14, 2015

Thank you: Online Shopping #XD31


I love shopping. The experience of shopping at an actual brick and motor store is fun. I enjoy the challenge of looking for items at the lowest possible price makes my inner cheapskate giddy.

Well, I used to enjoy shopping.

Over the years, I’ve become less tolerant of people and their lack of common sense and mannerisms. I can’t really point out a particular incident that contributed to this, but I’m over people. It’s not the employees that ruin my experience. It’s the other shoppers that make me want to extend my leg out to trip them when they invade my personal space. Or their children who step on my feet and don’t excuse themselves. The assholes that get into the check out line with a return even though there’s a separate line for returns. These folks get on my damn nerves!!

Praise the retail gods for online shopping. From the comforts of my home, I can point and click to my heart’s delight. Free shipping is my best friend, there are no lines, and most importantly, no people!! I can shop for the best deals in my underwear while saving money and maintaining my patience level.

Online shopping, this proud introvert thanks you. Salute!

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