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How Much Longer?


The Recovering Pessimist: How Much Longer? -- Planning is great and all, but at some point you have to execute. Otherwise, you miss out and find yourself with a case of the "what ifs". | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistIf I had the opportunity to go back 10 years ago and ask myself one question, I would ask myself this:

How much longer?

If I allow myself, I’ll spend a lot of time planning with no execution. I would love to say it’s a blessing, but for me, it’s a curse. I can plan something with all of the possible contingencies, but I’ll never implement the plan.

Not good.

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If you knew how much I missed out on because of this…just thinking about it gives me a headache. Eventually, I got tired of getting in my own way.

I got tired of missing out on opportunities to advance in life. Got annoyed with asking myself “What if?” because I knew I could be out here prospering. Don’t be like me. There’s nothing wrong with planning, but understand that the point of planning is to implement the plans. Remember that.

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My Favorite Last Minute Task


I don’t have an issue with washing/drying laundry but I hate putting the clothes away. When the dryer buzzes, I take the clothes out and toss them across the bed. Yes, I could put them away at that point, but I don’t. I put the next load in the dryer and go back downstairs to do something else.
Usually,  I wash and dry 4-5 small loads of clothes a week. By the time Friday gets here, the pile is massive. I’m confined to sleeping on one side of the bed and that’s when I finally put the clothes away. Even though it irritates me, I don’t make the first attempt to fix it.
What is your favorite last minute task?

Best Under Pressure



I work best in a state of chaos. It’s definitely for the easily stressed.

This works perfectly when it comes to blogging. Ninety percent of my blog posts are based on observations, making it impossible to schedule posts ahead of time. While I try to write blog posts a week in advance, that doesn’t always work in my favor.

Inspiration can hit hours before my scheduled post time. This is usually when I’m at my full-time job. Hence the chaos. Being a pro at multitasking is essential if I want to get posts scheduled on time.

P.S. The adrenaline rush I get from working in chaos is pretty awesome too:)



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