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Setback #427


Setbacks are life lessons in disguise. Things could be going well and then BOOM, something happens to unravel everything. The feeling is similar to having the comforter snatched off of you and the room temperature is ice cold.

This week I had a setback involving my car. I spent the entire day of the setback pissed all the way off. I allowed myself that one day to mope around and after that, it’s time to plan and reflect.

Setbacks always remind me to be thankful. I’m this case, I’m thankful that I have the necessary coverage to pay for the repairs and a rental car. I’m thankful nobody was injured, including myself.

Things can always be worse than they are. Be thankful that they aren’t and learn from them. Life is too short to repeat mistakes.

Lesson Learned: Stepping Outside of the Box


When an answer cannot be found, remove yourself from the equation.

Learning to step outside of the box has to be one of the most important problem solving techniques I’ve ever learned. Removing myself from a situation/problem allows me to view things from all sides. By doing this, I have a stronger foundation for making a decision.

A very powerful lesson learned indeed.

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