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Help Yourself Help Yourself


The Recovering Pessimist: Help Yourself Help Yourself--Did you try to help yourself before you asked someone for help? | #amwriting #recoveringpessimistI have no problem helping someone, provided they have made an effort to help themselves first. That is the key. However,  I understand that you can’t escape the inevitable. Situations may arise when you just can’t complete the task alone. In that moment, you have to reach out to get the task accomplished.

On the flip side, there are folks who don’t even bother. They take a detour on the Highway of Initiative and just ask you to do it for them. No shame in their game whatsoever. To make it even worse, whatever they’re asking you to do for them, they could have done it themselves.

[bctt tweet=”If people took the time to help themselves first,imagine the time and/or resources that could be redirected to those who really need help.”]

Sadly, in a world of instant gratification, that’s asking for too much.


Updated April 23, 2015

Ordinary #Love


We’ve been doing this for what feels like forever.

Love had us so bright-eyed in the beginning. So in love it was sickening. Couldn’t be away from one another too long before we missed each other. Technology kept us together even when we were apart.

That bright-eyed stage passed. We still loved each other, but sometimes we would get on each other’s last nth of a nerve. I remember our first big fight. It was so bad that I wanted to leave. Your hugs and kisses reminded me why I was so in love with you.

We’re just two ordinary people in love.

Designed to Fit

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces (Photo credit: Daniel P. Fleming)

I believe that each person in your life is a puzzle piece. For me, that’s a lot of pieces sprawled across the table.  As I work on the puzzle, I realize there are pieces that don’t fit together.

There are people that no longer have a place in my life. I held onto these dead relationships for years, knowing that it was doing more harm than good.

The moment that you stop fighting and start accepting will be the moment when the puzzle becomes easier to put together.

All Day Every Day


Self-Created Madness


When you put your personal life out there for everyone within 50 feet to hear, how can you be mad when folks start repeating your business?

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