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Thankful: Music #XD31


For me, music is as effective as medication. It centers me the way meditation does for others. I’m usually listening to music while I’m completing daily tasks.

It’s my normal…my sanity.

Thankful: Split Hearing #XD31


When I was in middle school, my band teacher taught us split hearing. According to my teacher, a musician should always be able to hear their own instrument in one ear and the band as a whole in the other. A music lesson eventually crossed over into my daily life.

Split hearing is used to hear the conversation I’m having plus the conversations of others around me. I’m sure I can help it, but I’m so used to it that it has become my normal. People are shocked when I repeat their conversations verbatim. Be careful about what you say. Split ears are listening.


Current Obsession: Tamia – “Because of You”


For those times when I need to be reminded that I didn’t get to where I am by myself.

School is in Session Hunty


One of my friends got me hooked on this video. Feel free to get your entire life.

P.S. Thanks “TT” blows kisses

Current Obsession: Britney Spears


Happy Friday!!! I’ve been singing a lot of Britney Spears songs in my head lately. Lady Gaga’s Pandora station is totally blamed for this. Anyway, I wanted to share my jams for the week. Enjoy!


Updated April 23, 2015

Current Obsession: Emeli Sande


I am the type of person that will play an album to DEATH!! I’ll know every word and ad-lib by the time I’m done obsessing over it. Last night, I downloaded Emeli Sande’s album “Our Version of Events” after hearing her music on one of VH1’s TV shows.

Sidebar For the life of me, I can’t remember if it was “Single Ladies” or “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”. **

The emotion in her voice strikes a nerve with me. The tracks that had me screaming “Yassssssss” in my head:

“Where I Sleep”

“Read All About It”


I’m not a big fan of radio since it’s the same songs being played over and over (and over) again. Most of the music I’m obsessed with comes from TV shows, movies, various online forums and of course, Twitter. If you have any artists you’re obsessing over, let me know.

Check, check, check ya later!

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