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How Writing About Self Taught Me About Myself


Spending the last month writing about myself taught me quite a bit. To wrap up this month’s NaBloPoMo, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned this month:

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert.
  2. Confidence is the key to success.
  3. Conformity isn’t a necessity.
  4. My thoughts/ideas are valid.
  5. Peace of mind is invaluable.

So tell me, what have you learned about yourself lately? Let’s discuss in the comments!

An Introvert’s Confidant


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A diary is an introvert’s confidant.

I was an 18 year old college freshman when I started my first diary. When I renewed my subscription to Seventeen magazine (don’t judge me), I got this really cute gold notebook.

From that moment on, I’ve had several diaries. They’ve been the keeper of my secrets, fears, dreams, failures, etc. Diaries are my confidant when my introversion prevents me from opening up to others.

What are your thoughts on diaries?

Soothing Quiet


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When I’m constantly interacting with people, I find myself socially exhausted. Time is needed to recharge, preferably with an adult beverage.

If given the choice, I would love to spend the majority of my time alone at home. Being alone with my thoughts is soothing.

Please don’t confuse my desire to be alone with being lonely. They are two totally different things.

What are your thoughts on alone time? Love it? Need it? Hate it? Indifferent?

Sarcasm Anyone?


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It would be easy to say that humor is my favorite personality trait but everyone thinks their funny. What everyone isn’t, however, is sarcastic.

I silently laugh when I make a joke laced with sarcasm and I see that confused look on someone’s face as they try to figure it out. It keeps me sane when I’m surrounded by stupid 8-10 hours a day.

So tell me, what is your favorite personality trait?

When A Theory is Just A Theory


If I could change one thing about myself, I would be a patient person. Not to be confused with a more patient person; I would need to become a patient person first before I can ask for more patience.


As I’ve gotten older, my level of patience has dwindled to non-existent. I think a lot of it stems from years spent in high-productivity jobs. Can’t have the patience of Job when the clock is ticking and quotas have to be met.

Do it and do it now.

That’s my mantra. I don’t like to wait for people to do things, especially when I know I can do it in less time. I would be a liar if I said that I was working on it. Sounds good in theory but attempts to execute the theory would fail.

Sometimes a theory should remain just that, a theory.


Updated 12/10/2016

Self Before Others


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I’ve sacrified so many of my wants and needs to focus on the wants and needs of others. I’ve done it my whole life. Putting myself first is a constant struggle.

That changes now.

By putting others first, I’m holding myself back by creating multiple delays on my journey to success. My altruistic ways negatively affected my health and that was my wake up call. I couldn’t continue to put myself last.

My wants and needs come first. I cannot be of help to others if I’m not my best self.

Know Your Self


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Knowing who you are as a person can shield you from a world of hurt. When you don’t know what behavior(s) you accept from others, you leave yourself wide open to be taken advantage of.

For example, when dating, you set the standard from the beginning as to how you want to be treated. If at any point you don’t like something that’s said and/or done, it’s your responsibility to speak up. Otherwise, the other party will assume that sort of behavior is acceptable and it will continue to happen.

You show people how you want to be treated. Know your worth.

All I Can Be Is Me


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When I was a teenager, I wanted to be part of the popular crowd. I wanted to walk down the hallways and everyone knew my name.

Attempts to align myself with them were futile. They rejected me every time. Looking back, I’m grateful for that rejection because I realize why they were so popular.

Tarnished reputation avoided.

Online dating had its fair share of rejection. So many of my “I’m interested” messages were either ignored or responded with “No thanks.” Talk about a blow to the self-esteem.

Experiencing rejection helped me realize that I’m good enough. That’s the boost my self-confidence needed.


Trust Yourself


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I don’t always trust myself. I’ve taken days and even weeks to make a decision and even then, I don’t fully trust myself.

Some things don’t need a lot of consideration. When intuition presents itself, I need to just go with it. Trust in my capabilities.

I can do this.

I will do this.

Where Credit Is Due


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If I were asked if I preferred working with others or working alone, I would definitely say that I prefer to work alone.

In the past, every time I’ve had to work with people, there was always the chance that at least one person wouldn’t pull their weight. That would leave me having to do my work plus the work of the slacker(s).

If praises are given for a job well done, everyone takes credit. Wrong, wrong, and wrong! I have no problem snitching on the slackers. What you won’t do is take credit for something that you contributed nothing to.

However, if the group’s ridiculed for their efforts, the slacker(s) says nothing. Of course they aren’t going to take responsibility for how awful the project was because they didn’t contribute to it.

Working alone leaves me responsible for one person. If things don’t get done on schedule, I have nobody to be pissed at but myself. Most importantly, nobody can take credit for a job they contributed nothing to.

Hope Amongst Uncertainty


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I’m not 100% certain of anything. While I may not be 100% certain about my life, there are a few things I hope to still have as I get older: happiness, good health, sound mind, and the ability to write.

Very few things scare me more than to have any of these things taken from me. What gives you hope in a world of uncertainty? 

Be True to Self


When I created this blog, I didn’t think that people would “get” me. Looking back, it’s funny that I really thought that. There are billions of people on this planet and I still didn’t think anyone would understand where I was coming from.

I’m so happy to be wrong.

Blogging taught me that I’m good enough as I am. I write what’s on my heart, not what I think I should write about. It’s humbling to know that I’m not the only person who hates Red Lobster as a date option or sees the beauty in thunderstorms.

People know when you aren’t being authentic. Life is too short to live a life not true to self.

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