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Colorful Burdens





During the spring/summer, the trees are full of leaves. Over time, those leaves begin to weigh down the branches, which aren’t all very strong. When the seasons change, the trees begin to release the leaves, creating a colorful blanket on the ground.

Now imagine the tree as the spirit/body and the leaves as the burdens that weigh the spirit/body down. Do the trees feel as free as the spirit/body feels?
Updated March 14 ,2015

Country Air & Rustling Leaves


As a country girl living in the city, I have an appreciation for fresh air. It may sound crazy, but when the wind blows in the country, the air feels so fresh.

Combine that with the sound of leaves rustling and you have my favorite fall sound. If I could bottle the sound and take it with me, trust me, I would.


Fall Defined


Fall is a flash of reds, yellows, and browns. These colors fall from their perch, dancing their way to the ground. The wind is chilly, caressing my face and tickling my nose. Rain creates puddles enticing me to jump in.

I wrap myself in the warmth of sweaters and jackets. My feet cozy in thick socks and boots. I wish the weather would stay this way until the birth of Spring but alas, that it is not meant to be.

Night begins earlier, the darkness misleading. Hot beverages warm a chilly body in the morning air. Evenings are spent watching fall TV shows in the glow of a burning candle, cuddled up in a blanket.

Crock pots slowly cook soups and stews. Pumpkin spice everything fill the shelves. Ovens bake goods sprinkled with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Apples and cranberries are the fruit of the season.

The season never seems to last long enough but I enjoy the time that it’s here. So excited for the festivals, baked goods, and apple cider. Another season of memories.

Welcome Fall.

Falling Whispers

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