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Happiness #10WordStory


A Bad Memory Holds the Key to Happiness


My bad memories aren’t so bad. In fact, those bad memories contributed to my overall happiness.

If this sounds absolutely ridiculous, hear me out.

My life consists of good and bad memories. I can’t afford to forget the bad memories because the lessons I learned are too valuable.

Those lessons I learned keep me from repeating the same mistakes that initially created the lessons.  Not having to endure that again makes me a happier person.

When you put it that way, it doesn’t sound that ridiculous, does it?


My Version of Success


Back in September, I received my Monday Motivation email from Britni Danielle. In the email, she asked subscribers the following question:

What does success look like to you?

Next was a series of questions designed to inspire the reader to work towards creating the life they really want. What initially appeared to be a simple exercise was really eye-opening and I wanted to share it with you.

Am I happy?

If not, what would make me happier?

I feel most successful when?

I really, really want to accomplish __________.

What’s stopping me?

Is that just an excuse?

How can I overcome it?

Today I will do________ to get me closer to_________.

(After you get through the questions, the reader is instructed to  jot down a brief description of his/her ideal life using the following questions.)

What do you do for a living? Where do you live? What do you feel like? Who are you sharing it with?

That’s the end of the exercise.

When I finished, I felt so relieved. Not because the exercise was difficult, but because I realized that successful was within my reach. Prior to receiving the email, the idea of success was so overwhelming. The email helped me evaluate what was preventing me from accomplishing my version of success. I printed multiple copies and placed them all over my home. A visual reminder for me to do something daily to work towards my version of success.


Get Your Ass(ets) Out of the Nest!!!!!


Nothing wrong with a swift kick to get you moving.

Confession: I’m scared of becoming too comfortable.

I’m scared of becoming one of those people who has had the same job for 20+ years. With no desire to attain new skills to move up the totem pole, they just exist in their cubicles. Patiently awaiting the day when they can submit their paperwork for retirement.

No thank you, I’ll pass on.

I crave new knowledge. When I feel like I’m getting too used to doing something, I don’t put in the same effort that I once did. I feel like a hamster running on the wheel to nowhere.

For example, if I get a new job, I’ll stick with it for at least a year. Twelve months may not seem that long, but I can learn more in a year than some folks that have been in the same position for years. Eventually, I’ll get the itch to move on and I start plotting on my next move.

Life is too short for us to sit around, stifling our dreams while sitting comfortably in the nest. That’s not good enough. In nature, a baby bird learns to fly by being nudged out of the nest. Their wings may not be strong enough at first, so they keep trying. After several failed attempts, they soar.

When are you jumping out of the nest?



Thankful: The Little Things #XD31


Too often I lose sight of the little things that make me happy. Conversations with my family and friends, an indulgent chocolate bar, and silence are a few examples. It doesn’t take much to make me smile. I’m thankful for these little things that make my heart swell with happiness.

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