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Obligated #Love


There’s no reason to stay in a relationship when the love has waned. The decision to stay becomes a matter of obligation and obligation can easily manifest into resentment.

I remember the moment when my obligation to him became resentment. I blamed him for my unhappiness, yet my attempts to regain my happiness failed. I’d leave, but obligation had me coming back to the same old drama.

It took a couple attempts but I finally freed myself.

#XD30-Chapter 8-Coconut-Flavored Freedom


Ashley, her mom Renee, and I hauled ass out of the restaurant. This is the only part of the plan that has worked. We all got into the car and drove towards the airport.

“Ashley, your father and I have set up the condo to make it easy on you and Susan. Don’t worry about anything or anyone here, I’ll deal with that. I want you and Susan to be free…finally.”

I wipe my eyes. Ashley and I have talked about this for a long time and it’s finally happened. Unloading a heavy heart feels so good. I reach behind my seat and squeeze Ashley’s hand.

“Renee, what about the remainder of our things? We couldn’t pack anything outside of  two carry-ons.”

Ashley claps her hands. “Mom! I definitely don’t want Derek and Tim having a free for all with our stuff.”

Renee throws her head back and laughs.

“Honey, that’s why your father wasn’t at dinner. He and your uncle were at each of your places packing ya’ll up.”

Wait, what? How did they get in? I raised my hand, but Renee ignored me.

“Susan, you should know by now to never ask me how I do anything. Anyway, along with the movers, they are both at the condo setting up shop. Of course, I gave them instructions on what goes where.”

Gotta love Renee. She’s always thinking ahead. I totally understand why she’s one of the best in crisis management. We finally get to the airport. Susan and I get out, grab our bags from the trunk, and our tickets from Renee.

“I love you both. Call me when you land.”

We wave to Renee. Grabbing Ashley’s hand, we walk into the airport. Ashley jumps up and down in excitement. She reaches over and kisses me. Her lips taste like coconut. She giggles as I wipe the sticky gloss off my lips.

Hello freedom, we are finally here.

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