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My 2015 Wrap Up


The Recovering Pessimist: My 2015 Wrap Up-- Memories, lessons, and highlights that made this of of the best years of my adult life. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimist

There are three days left in 2015. Seriously, where did the time go? I swear, we got to June, and the remaining six months just flew by. Insane. Before I got wrapped up in 2016, I wanted to share a few of the lessons, highlights, and memories that made 2015 one of the best years of my adult life.

Letting Go

When I decided that I was going to practice letting go in 2015, I knew there was one thing I absolutely had to let go of:


In the past, there were so many people who took too much of my time and energy. Under no circumstances are they solely to blame. I kept them around because we were family, friends, and/or had sentimental value.

I have goals, hopes, and dreams that I need to make my reality. Guess what that requires? That’s right, time and energy. The two things that dead weight were draining from me.

[bctt tweet=”Life has a way of making things happen not when you want them to happen, but instead when Life feels you are ready for things to happen.”]

There were events that occurred that throughout the year that stung emotionally. Once I got past it, I gained an incredible amount of clarity. Those events were opportunities to let people and things go that were no longer good for me. Not to say that I couldn’t have done it sooner, but sometimes you need an extra push in order for you to get the message.

[bctt tweet=”I can’t make room for greatness if I allow dead weight to hold me back.”]

Time Management + Determination = Success

I struggled with time management throughout the year. I would spend an entire day lounging around, knowing I had things to do. Oftentimes, it would take me days to catch up.

[bctt tweet=”If you don’t manage your time, you’ll never cross things off your to-do list.”]

So, I compromised with myself. Instead of spending the entire day working on one blog post, I started using the Pomodoro Technique. Using my ClearFocus app, I would start a task and work on it for 25 minutes. If I needed more time, I would skip the break and continue working for another 25 minutes. It was amazing how much I got done in such a small amount of time.

[bctt tweet=” You have to make the most of the time you have. “]


In February, I wrote about how a tweet led to a new laptop. I wanted to share with the Twitterverse (Twitter + Universe) the full circle of emotions I had when I realized that it was indeed a dream. Under no circumstances did I think that Lenovo would respond, let alone get their followers involved to make my dream come true.

[bctt tweet=”@Lenovo reminded me that dreams indeed do come true. #LenovoSurprise”]


My favorite memory of this year was when I finally met Amber from Climb Out of the Cubicle in person. She’s my sister from another ma’am and mister. Even though she’s 12 hours away from me, I’m sure she’ll agree that we’re still pretty attached.

[bctt tweet=”I’m forever grateful for having @theambermonaco in my life. Finally meeting her was my favorite memory of 2015.”]

The ups and downs I’ve experienced this year reaffirmed what I want (and don’t want) at this stage of my life. I’m beyond excited for 2016 ready for whatever is to come.

I’ve Got This


When I initially looked at the prompts for this month’s NaBloPoMo, I was a bit stumped. I didn’t think that I could write about mnemonics for an entire month. But I signed up for it so I had to see it through. So I took a deep breath and told myself “I got this”.

Actually, I’ve had to tell myself this a lot this month.

I have to say August has been a trying month. Death hit really close to home and setbacks knocked me off my feet. I’m tired of being in my feelings, but nothing gets accomplished by doing nothing?

I’ve got this.

To be fair, the month hasn’t been all bad. There were some bright spots. I scored some great deals on items/services I really needed and got some great ideas for future projects. Most importantly, I gained some much needed clarity.

I felt compelled to share this because we all go through storms. You can mope about it for a bit, but you have to dust yourself off, get up, and prepare to fight your way through the storm. Trouble doesn’t last always.

You’ve got this.


Blind Clarity


During episode 6 of American Horror Story: Coven, Cordelia (played by Sarah Paulson) made the following statement:

“I had to go blind to see things about you I couldn’t see before.”


After she said that, I remembered the times when I really had to hit the wall in order to gain clarity over a situation. People tried to tell me so many times, but if you’re not in the space to receive the message, those warnings go unheeded.

While it hurts like hell when you hit that wall, it has to be done in order for you to gain clarity. The most important lessons I’ve learned came when I had to learn it the hard way. And trust me, once you learn the hard way, you’ll be damned if you repeat the same mistake again.

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