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How I Remember Ideas for Blog Posts


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Ideas for blog posts tend to come out of nowhere. Emphasis on nowhere. After forgetting countless ideas, I finally have a system to record the first idea before they disappear. It’s nothing fancy, but it works for me.

Ready? Here we goooo…


  • I love, love, love Evernote! If my phone is nearby, I use my Evernote app to jot down blog ideas and/or the source of inspiration. It’s pretty awesome.

Post-it Notes

  • I literally have these in every room of my apartment and I also have them in my car. Gotta be ready when the ideas hit, then I can just stick them to whatever is nearby and come back to it later. Now that it’s back to school season, I can stockpile these things for little to no money spent.


  • When I don’t have access to Evernote or Post-it Notes, I use repetition. I repeat key aspects of the blog idea until I’m able to jot down the idea. This isn’t the most reliable part of the system, but it works.

This is my system. Again, nothing fancy. I’m always looking for more tools to add to my system. The woes of being a blogger, always on the hunt for something better, haha!


Updated September 7, 2015

Thank You!!!!!


I unexpectedly accomplished something pretty big for this blog yesterday.

I hit 100 follows. One-hundred friggin’ follows.

It means a lot. Please continue to support and share the awesomeness that is this blog.



My Recovery Process


In an effort to avoid the awkwardness that arises from disappointing surprises, I would approach situations with a negative set of outcomes.

It worked for years, but years of living with an empty glass mentality has slowly worn me down. I forgot what optimism felt like. Meeting new people had become exhausting. Instead of getting to know the person, I was too consumed with what they weren’t saying/doing.

Change was necessary.

I initially created this blog as a means for me to work through my pessimistic mindset. I wanted to share my random thoughts/ideas with others while being less of a pessimist.

So far, so good.

This blog has evolved over the past year.  I’ve written a 30 chapter short story , participated in multiple writing challenges, and met some really awesome people.

I doubt I’ll ever adopt a unicorn mentality , but at least I’ll see the bright side. In the meantime, I’ll start putting water in that glass.

Unfulfilled Wishes

Customer services

Customer services (Photo credit: gordon2208)

Talk about a website or blog you wish you had invented.

I wish I had invented the blog Not Always Working. Everyone who has worked in customer service has war stories. Creating a blog that allows people to upload their war stories is a perfect way to not only relieve some stress, but share the stupidity.

Three More Days…What’s Next?


The #30in30 writing challenge is winding down. Parts of me are happy, worried, and incredibly proud. Happy that I won’t have to write every single day. Worried that I will backslide on this blog and get lazy and rusty with my writing. Proud that as of right now, I have stuck this out for 28 days (and counting). No part of this challenge was easy.

Slowly, I’ve become a better writer than I was 30 days ago. Thoughts are much clearer now that I’m literally writing them out. Consider that one of my many “duh” moments during this challenge. Since I was writing daily, I wrote shorter posts. Perhaps once the challenge is over, I’ll write longer, essay-like posts. Or non-rhyming poetry (it does exist). So many possibilities.

To my fellow #30in30 participants, what’s next?

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Well hello there! Thank you for visiting “The Recovering Pessimist”. This blog is a home for all of the thoughts and ideas that enter and exit my brain on a daily basis.  Here I want you to be yourself. Say all the things that are too “PC” to say amongst others. If you suffer from “Foot in Mouth” Syndrome, I already love you.

Enough of me rambling. Once again welcome and feel free to comment.



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