The Recovering Pessimist

Helping pessimists see the bright side of life without losing their "half empty" roots.

My Recovery Process


In an effort to avoid the awkwardness that arises from disappointing surprises, I would approach situations with a negative set of outcomes.

It worked for years, but years of living with an empty glass mentality has slowly worn me down. I forgot what optimism felt like. Meeting new people had become exhausting. Instead of getting to know the person, I was too consumed with what they weren’t saying/doing.

Change was necessary.

I initially created this blog as a means for me to work through my pessimistic mindset. I wanted to share my random thoughts/ideas with others while being less of a pessimist.

So far, so good.

This blog has evolved over the past year.  I’ve written a 30 chapter short story , participated in multiple writing challenges, and met some really awesome people.

I doubt I’ll ever adopt a unicorn mentality , but at least I’ll see the bright side. In the meantime, I’ll start putting water in that glass.

4 Responses to My Recovery Process

  1. Change is good! Best wishes.

  2. *applause*

    “I wish u insight so u can see for urself.”

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