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Emotion in Motion


SEX (Photo credit: je@n)

Mae West described sex as “emotion in motion.” Regardless of preference, sex is the physical representation of emotion.

For me, there’s something sexy about scratches and bites. The need to just “take it”.  Sometimes, that’s how you feel. Can’t have slow motion sex all of the time…just saying.

Ever have sex after an argument? Make up sex is awesome! Perfect combination of “I’m angry” and “Let’s screw and forget about it”.  If you’ve never had it, feel free to pick a petty argument and see for yourself. Thank me later.

Break up sex is another fave. That  last romp before lovers depart. You give it your all because you want to leave him/her with memorable experience.

Have sex responsibly.

5 Responses to Emotion in Motion

  1. This is so beautiful! So true, too. Make up sex for me is more too than just “I’m both angry and want to get over it.” It’s also “Despite this horrible fight we just had, I realize I love you incredibly.” And it shows in the sex…which seems to have a sort of desperation about it. Very beautiful.

    • Thank you! The quote had me emotionally stumped if that makes sense. And you’re so right when you say that the emotion is reflected in sex.

    • Thank you Samantha. Make up sex is definitely one of those things that should never be taken lightly. Emphasis on never.

  2. I love this saying by Mae West. Interesting perspective on sex too. I like the positive spin on break up sex and make up sex.

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