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Public Service Announcement: Be Specific


The Recovering Pessimist: Public Service Announcement: Be Specific --If you ask for something, be specific. Otherwise, you'll get exactly what you ask for. Depending on what that is, it won't always work out in your favor. Trust me. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistYou aren’t going to go through life with everything that you need. At some point, you’re going to have to ask for something. That’s normal. However, when you ask for something, regardless of what it is, be specific.

Did ya’ll catch that up there in the nosebleed section? No? Don’t worry, I’ll repeat it.

When you ask for something, regardless of what it is, be specific. 

I cannot stress this enough. If you want a new job with more money, ask for a job with more money. If you just ask for a new job, that’s what you’ll get…a new job with the same money you make now.

For example, if you want a new job with more money, ask for a job with more money. If you just ask for a new job, that’s what you’ll get…a new job with the same money you make now. Or, if you ask for a boyfriend/girlfriend, don’t be shocked with you end up with an asshole. You didn’t ask for a boyfriend/girlfriend that treated you like royalty.

Or, if you ask for a boyfriend/girlfriend, don’t be shocked with you end up with an asshole. You didn’t ask for a boyfriend/girlfriend that treated you like royalty.

You get exactly what you ask for (or don't ask for) in life. Be wise with how you word your request. Click To Tweet

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A Few Thoughts on Blessings


The Recovering Pessimist: A Few Thoughts on Blessings -- Blessings come in all forms with varying degrees of significance. Take care of the blessing and the blessing will take care of you. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistI believe the Universe (or whatever you wish to call it if you wish to call it anything) blesses people every day. These blessings can be tangible or intangible, significant or insignificant.

What’s important about blessings is the understanding that blessings come with an expectation:

Do right by the blessing.

For example, if you come into money (regardless of the sum), spend it wisely. If you meet someone who can enrich your life, learn from them. So forth and so on.

Take care of the blessing and the blessing will take care of you. Click To Tweet

When you know better, you do better right?

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How Much Longer?


The Recovering Pessimist: How Much Longer? -- Planning is great and all, but at some point you have to execute. Otherwise, you miss out and find yourself with a case of the "what ifs". | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistIf I had the opportunity to go back 10 years ago and ask myself one question, I would ask myself this:

How much longer?

If I allow myself, I’ll spend a lot of time planning with no execution. I would love to say it’s a blessing, but for me, it’s a curse. I can plan something with all of the possible contingencies, but I’ll never implement the plan.

Not good.

Dreams and goals aren't fulfilled if you spend all your time planning and not executing. Click To Tweet

If you knew how much I missed out on because of this…just thinking about it gives me a headache. Eventually, I got tired of getting in my own way.

I got tired of missing out on opportunities to advance in life. Got annoyed with asking myself “What if?” because I knew I could be out here prospering. Don’t be like me. There’s nothing wrong with planning, but understand that the point of planning is to implement the plans. Remember that.

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3 Things I Don’t Apologize For In My 30s


The Recovering Pessimist: 3 Things I Don't Apologize for In My 30s -- Prior to entering my 30s, I lived life according to how others wanted me to live. I cared too much about how my decisions would make others feel. Now that I'm in my 30s, I could care less about how others feel about me and my decisions. | #amwriting #optimisticpessimist #recoveringpessimistOne of the biggest things that I occurred when I entered my 30s is that I stopped caring about hurting people’s feelings. For the record, I didn’t hurt people’s feelings with the intention to be spiteful. I got tired of being concerned about how people felt when I decided not to do what was expected of me. There’s something freeing about giving deserving people the imaginary middle finger.

Here are a few of the things that I stopped apologizing for in my 30s:

 1. Being honest with my thoughts and feelings.

I have always been the person that kept their deepest thoughts and feelings to themselves. Why? Because I didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. The problem with that is that it weighs you down. Nowadays, I release those thoughts and feelings out in a rational way. Keeping all of that in does nothing but create disaster down the road.

2. Not wasting my time.

I’ve never liked wasting my time. When I was in my 20s and younger, I wouldn’t say no to doing things that I didn’t want to do because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Now, I am more protective of “MY” time.

Even when I have nothing to do, if I don't want to hang out, go to an event, etc., I won't. Click To Tweet

Time is too valuable to be wasted.

3. Who I am.

I’m well aware that I can come off as sarcastic, funny, and a bit of an asshole. All of these things and more make up who I am. At this point in the game, I am who I am. I’m not going to be everyone’s favorite and that’s fine.

Those are the three things I don’t apologize for in my 30s. What are some things that you aren’t apologetic for in your life? Let’s discuss in the comments and/or social media.

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The “Tit for Tat” Bullsh!t


The Recovering Pessimist: Tit for Tat -- Many people do things for you under the guise that it's from the goodness of their heart. When in actually, they're full of bullsh!t. | #amwriting #recoveringpessmist #optimisticpessimist Many people live a “tit for tat” lifestyle. They’ll do things for you under the guise that it’s from the goodness of their heart. In actuality, they’re doing it so they can remind you that they did this and that for you. Oh, and they’ll also tell everyone else that they did x, y, and z for you. Some bullsh!t.

You can’t keep those folks around. In fact, I cut a few folks out of my life for that mess. That bullsh!t is draining and provides nothing of substance for my spirit. If I do something for you, I’m doing it because I want to. I don’t expect anything from you in return.

If you do something out of kindness, you don't have to broadcast it. Click To Tweet

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Your (Unsolicited) Opinion is Weightless


The Recovering Pessimist: Your (Unsolicited) Opinion is Weightless -- If nobody asked for your opinion, consider keeping it to yourself. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistOpinions come in two forms: solicited and unsolicited.

When someone asks for your opinion, it’s likely that they value your opinion.

However, it’s when nobody asked for your opinion that things get dicey. It’s easy to share how you feel about someone’s actions, life choices, etc. What I don’t understand is why folks feel that their unsolicited opinion matters.

Because it doesn’t.

An opinion is just that, an opinion. It holds no weight whatsoever. Click To Tweet

Don’t get upset when you don’t get the reaction you expected because you decided to share your unsolicited opinion. You don’t have to share everything you think, especially when nobody asked you to. Keep it to yourself.

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Pride Stains the Rug


The Recovering Pessimist: Pride Stains the Rug -- Pride will have you out here living a life of delusion if you don't get it together. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimist

Pride will take you down so fast, especially when it comes to lying. I compare pride to a stain on a rug. The stain might appear small, large, or be barely noticeable.

You don’t want people to see the stain, so you decide to cover a lie with another lie. At some point, you start believing that the lies are the truth. Instead of the stain fading, it gets bigger and bigger.

Don't let pride fool you into thinking those stains on the rug won't get bigger. Click To Tweet

Be (very) aware of the influence pride can have in your life.

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Let Go!


The Recovering Pessimist: Let Go -- Holding onto grudges, negative people, and unhappy situations served no purpose other than blocking my blessings. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist I had a long-standing history of being unable to let go. I held onto grudges from high school. I kept people around who sucked all the positivity out of the air. I remained in situations that I was no longer happy in.


I got comfortable. The grudges, negative people, and unhappy situations had become my normal. It was my normal for so long that I didn’t realize that I was blocking my blessings.

You cannot invite goodness into your life if negativity surrounds you. Click To Tweet

What’s the point of holding onto grudges, bad vibes, negative people, etc? Does it offer anything beneficial to your life?

Absolutely not.

Spend some time analyzing the people, situations, grudges, that are part of your life. Take inventory of your life and consider the following:

If it doesn’t make you happy, let go!

If it doesn’t invite positivity into your life, let go!

If it doesn’t challenge you, let go!

Don’t allow negativity to block your journey in life. You deserve better.

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Believe in Your Greatness


Recently on Twitter, someone shared a video of Jay Z doing a radio interview. Not only am I a fan of him as an artist, but I enjoy listening to him speak about life.  The wisdom that comes from him inspires me. Recently, on Twitter, someone retweeted the following video:


In the video, he dropped a gem that I needed to hear.

Always believe you're great even before anybody else believes it. - Jay Z Click To Tweet

I get in my own way.

I overthink things.

I get so wrapped up in planning that I never execute.

I use everyone else’s experiences as my blueprint…and fail.

I don’t tell myself how great I am.

I shouldn’t rely on others to recognize my greatness. As long as you believe in your greatness, that’s all that matters.

I needed this reminder from Hov.

Thank you sir.

5 Ways to Recover From a Bad Day


The Recovering Pessimist: 5 Ways to Recover From a Bad Day -- Life has been hectic. Knowing how to handle bad days is the key. I'm sharing five ways I recover from a bad day. Enjoy! | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist Life has been hectic lately. Oftentimes, I get home too tired to do anything writing-related. After coming home and doing little to nothing besides go to sleep, I had to switch it up. I needed to create a plan for recovering from these bad days. Here are a few things that worked for me:

Here are a few things that worked for me:

Having a Decompression Period

I’m a huge fan of having a decompression period. I usually decompress during my 20-minute drive home from work. I play some good music, call a friend/family member and enjoy the ride. By the time I get home, I’m relaxed.

Writing It Out

There are some instances where I have to put my thoughts/feelings on paper. Doing this helps me work through my thoughts/feelings and removes the burden(s) from my mind. After a good writing session, I tend to feel better.

Be Quiet

Being quiet for a set amount of time is soothing. I usually sit in my living room in silence for a few minutes to an hour. To get through this, I will be quiet for a few minutes to an hour. Once I finish a quiet session, my mood is way better.

Treat Yo Self!

My favorite way to recover from a bad day is to treat myself. My standard treats are a drink from Starbucks, a burrito bowl from Chipotle, or a cinnamon roll from a local bakery. Treating myself to one of these things after a rough day always puts a smile on my face.

Remind Yourself that Tomorrow is Coming

It’s easy to feel that a bad day won’t end at the end of that day. I have to remind myself of the following:

One bad day doesn't need to become one bad week, one bad month, and so on. Tomorrow the slate is clean. Click To Tweet

Tell me, how do you recover from bad days? I would love to read about what works for you in the comments.

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