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Bridge Pending Construction


Bridge under construction.

I don’t believe in avoiding issues that are clearly bothering my spirit. Avoiding it leads to an unnecessary physical and mental burden. It’s so much easier to just deal with it head on.

Build the bridge and just get over it.

People are quick to proclaim that they are “over it”. They practically sing it to the world. In the instances where the issue is brought up in general conversation, all hell breaks loose.

For example, a bad breakup takes place. You tell your circle that you’re over the relationship. Your circle is having a random conversation about relationships and someone  recalls a funny story about you and your ex.

The story’s intent wasn’t malicious. It was part of the topic of conversation at that time. You beg to differ and verbally decapitate the storyteller.

Didn’t you just send out a verbal press release that you had gotten over that bridge?

I guess the bridge is pending construction.

3 Responses to Bridge Pending Construction

  1. I love reading your blog and the thoughts you share. They have helped me on many occasions. Thank you.

  2. Im guilty of that

    “I wish u insight so u can see for urself.”

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